Wireless Networking

As devices become smaller, faster and increasingly mobile the need to connect is no longer optional but a necessity. Ownership of devices is commonly now not solely a business decision but often a personal decision. A sound strategy to safely implement these BYOD devices onto your network is vital.



Wireless Site Survey


A physical site survey with specialist software conducted throughout a building determines a range of wireless network information.  With the right tools critical information such as co-channel interference, rogue network proximity, available bandwidth, wireless client loadings, network and response time can be accurately documented and reported. 

Contact us for an assessment of your site before you install any more access points, you may be surprised.  



Bring Your Own Device - BYOD

'BYOD' is a now in high demand and is often a headache that confronts network managers of both large and small networks alike. These devices may not necessarily be secure, and giving out the wireless password is definitely not acceptable.

With intelligent integration to a network Domain, access to specific network resources can be automatically assigned dependent on the specific user or type of device connecting.  'Hands off' automated DPSK configuration of handheld devices means tighter security, and less work for IT system managers. 

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